John Monnin's Utilimaster work projects
      Making web pages is not my speciality but that doesn't stop me.

      I worked with Smith Electric chassis to create a prototype Vehicle for the 2012 National Truck Equipment Show

      Finalized design, durability tested and ran a fleet of production vehicles now in service at FedEx
      To Contact please email:

      Picture of the Protoype displayed at the 2012 NTEA show

      2012 NTEA Show Truck

      I learned to use SolidWorks PhotoWorks to make the following Renderings :
      Rendering Front
      Rendering Side
      Rendering Rear

      Links to news articles on this project

      03/06/2012 FedEx Newsroom

      03/08/2012 CleanTechnica

      03/16/2012 Earth Techling

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